Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quiz: What is your Exercise Personality?

When I think about physical activity, I:

1. can't wait to put on my walking shoes
2. really want to exercise but need a push
3. dread the idea of moving a muscle, but am happy once I get moving

When I am physically active, I enjoy exercising:

1. by myself at my own pace
2. with a team or group
3. with one or two buddies

I exercise because:

1. I want to stay in shape, slim down, or improve my health
2. I want to see my friends and catch up on the latest news
3. the weather is nice or I just feel like it

When I take part in a physical activity, I usually:

1. plan the event ahead of time
2. participate when someone else has set up the activity or attend a class
3. pull it together quickly and do something active when the mood strikes

Others see me as:

1. a leader
2. a team player
3. someone who goes along with a good idea

I enjoy physical activities that are:

1. set by my own routine
2. set by a professional, teacher, or group
3. spontaneous

Scoring – For every answer, give yourself:

1 = 1 point
2 = 2 points
3 = 3 points

If you scored ...

6-9 points: you are a self-motivator
10-14 points: you are a team player
15-18 points: you are spontaneous


You like structure and organization. Creating and sticking to your own exercise plan is relatively easy, but you may find yourself losing interest in your usual routine. Try adding a few new activities such as biking, rowing, gardening, or hiking. Or try alternating your favorite workouts such as walking, swimming, and weightlifting on different days of the week.

Team Player

To you, exercise is a way to socialize and stay connected to friends and family. Group activities and classes are a natural selection for you. Sign up for an exercise class; put together a group of friends for walking; or join a team sport or sports league such as bowling, softball, or doubles tennis.


You love freedom and loathe conforming to rigid rules. Things that get you moving might include a call from friends who need a fourth player for a round of golf, a hike in the woods to enjoy a beautiful fall day, or a walk to the store when you are out of milk. These activities are great, but make sure you're doing something active on most days. Natural diet to boost brain and body health. This quiz can be found on:

Healthy Living Tip:

This summer is feeling hotter than ever, but that doesn't mean you have to stop your outdoor exercises! Check out this website for some hot weather workout tips:

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Exercise your way out of depression!

Do you often feel unmotivated, unenergetic, depressed or even anxious? Exercise has been proven to help reduce these problems as well, or even better than, some prescription medicines that are meant to help one’s mental health. Exercise can also be a great addition to these medications. Start thinking of exercise as a way to not only get physically fit, but also mentally fit. Exercise can be a great anti-depressant. If you are interested in improving your mood and mental health read the quick tips in this edition to learn how exercise can help you achieve and maintain a good mood and a positive attitude.

Remember: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started" – Mark Twain

If You Are... Lacking Motivation...

It is easy to talk about exercise but what about actually doing it? It seems like such a strenuous and time consuming activity to many, but all you need is a little motivation. Motivation to exercise is not as tricky as many seem to think it is.

Then, Try Setting a Goal for Yourself!

Write down a date and time to exercise, reward yourself, create a list of objectives you hope to get out of exercising. Think about the aftermath of your workout and how great you will feel.

Or, Get a Workout Buddy!

No one has to work out alone. Working out can be a great way to socialize and catch up with family or friends. It also helps you stay on track with exercising and studies show that you are more likely to continue a regular workout routine when a partner is present.

It also Helps to Enjoy it!

Make sure your exercise fits you and your interests. Make your workout fun!

Tips to Help Personalize your Exercise:

Not everyone wants to rush to the gym and jump straight into intense aerobics. Put some thought into your exercise. Exercise can be fun! It can also be as simple as fitting it into your daily list of chores. Here are some great ideas to make your exercise fun:

* Gardening
* Dancing – Try the club or one of the many dance classes offered at the gym!
* Wii (Especially Wii fit)
* Yoga
* Biking
* Low impact aerobics
* Hiking
* Join an informal sports team

There are so many different types of exercise out there today. The next blog will include an exercise quiz so you can find out what type of exercise works better for you!

Are you intimidated by the gym?

You aren't the only one! Check out this website for some general information on gym etiquette and proper use of the equipment: