Friday, February 27, 2015

Explore your Senses - Mindfulness leads to improved mood!

Oh those five senses that we take for granted! - When's the last time you noticed the unique color of the sky? Or that cool breeze brushing up against your face? When walking from your car to the office, while grocery shopping, or running errands, walk with your senses. Notice the temperature, the unique scents, the beautiful colors, the people around you and everything happening in the moment.
Oh that's delicious! We need to eat to survive and everyday we're luck to have decadent food that we're eating rushed, in front of the television, or in just plain autopilot. Let's try to eat with our senses. In autopilot we tend to rush with everything, inhaling food at our desk or in front of the TV. Instead, pay attention to each bite, the texture, tastes and feelings that come up. Notice how much you enjoy that particular snack or meal! Yum!

Meditation and Mood!
Guided Meditation 
Search Podcasts or YouTube for quick guided meditations. During breaks at work or any time you feel like you need to slow down, these will help you get in touch with your body. And of course there are apps for it! Check out Stop, Breathe & Think, calm, or mindfulness daily.
So many different moods!
If you find yourself getting mad or upset about something, stop and examine your mood. Ask the question, if I were feeling good right now, would I see this the same way? This helps you question that thought that popped in your mind!

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Take Good Care,
Amy Hooper, LCSW-C, Director &
Dena Alalfey, Graduate Intern