Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring Cleaning for Your Life.

As spring has arrived and the world outside is changing, what is changing for you on the inside? As the flowers bloom with their new beginnings, now is a perfect opportunity for you to consider how you want to grow. A few ideas of where to start…

Organizing Yourself
Write down a list of goals you would love to achieve, or things you would want to change in your life. Perhaps you want work on your spirituality, or your personality, improving your physical or mental health or the quality of your interpersonal interactions. Making a list of ideas you would love to change will give you a good starting point to create the life you want.
The next step is to write down what it will take to achieve these goals, we call these Objectives. What steps are involved in creating that life you want? Writing things down is more important that we think it is. Martha L. Chase, Ph. D., Executive and Career Coach, strongly recommends writing goals down, it forces us to clearly define what our goals are and specifically how to get there. Many therapists also recommend drawing or creating a picture of your goal to keep with the written goals. Since often our mental pictures of our goals are vague, drawing them can help you create a visual image and make the goals crystal clear and therefore easier to achieve

Remember, while it may seem that some goals are hard to achieve, you can do it. In order to make it easier and make it happen, remember to...
- Write down your plan.
- Set a due date for each event.
- Start working on it! It will become easier once you start.
- Make sure your goals are realistic. Making changes is difficult but with a good plan and some follow up, you can reach your goals.
- You can ask a co-worker, family member or friend to check in with you. Let your best friend call you weekly and ask about your weekly progress. That way you will feel accountable for your goals.
- And last but not least, it is important to stay optimistic on your way to becoming a new you.

And remember, turn obstacles into opportunities and celebrate your successes.

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