Friday, May 1, 2015

Attempt to Reduce Stress - What is Stress? - Adapted from a Post written by Leo Babauta (part 2/2)

Are you stressed? It could be a result of a stressful home life, habits, or chaotic work conditions. Instead of adopting old habits (reaching for food, drinking, or smoking for comfort) to deal with stress that could only lead to other problems. Here’s more options of on a list of things you can  do to get your life to a more manageable level of stress, a continuation from our last post.

3. Simplify your finances. Spending too much, late fees, trying to remember when to pay

what bill, or finding those paper bills that you’ve placed somewhere. First, pinpoint what

stresses you out about your finances. Automate savings, bill payments, and debt

payments can be a solution. Or it could be trying to spend less by reducing your shopping

trips (online too).

4. Have a blast! Have fun each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  This may include

playing with your kids outside, watching a funny TV show, reading your favorite comic

or looking online for silly jokes or inspirational phrases. Engage in something that takes

your mind of your stressors daily. Play sports, board games, read, dance, or watch

Youtube videos. Whatever you choose, be sure to laugh.

5. One thing at a time!

Start reducing your stress today! But remember, take it slow and do one thing at a time.

Focus as much as possible on doing one thing at a time.  Clear your desk of distractions.

Pick something to work on. Need to get ready for a presentation at work? Do only that.

Remove distractions such as phones and email notifications while you’re working on

that report. This takes practice, and you’ll get urges to do other things. But it can be done!

If you would like some support in order to manage your stress, counseling can help. You can visit our website or contact us at 240-274-5680 or with any questions or to schedule a counseling appointment.

Take Good Care,

Amy Hooper, LCSW-C, CEAP, Director, Gaithersburg Counseling Center

Dena Alalfey, Graduate Intern

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