Monday, March 9, 2015

The Keys to Happiness - Learning to feel good about you!

What do you like about yourself!? This may be a challenging task at first, but start a file on what you like about yourself. Take your time writing it and as you write it think about what it feels like to write it. You may expand this list by writing down compliments people give you! Try to visit this file daily and read what you have, notice your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that arise while writing in the file and also while re-reading it.
Maybe these couple of exercises will help you feel more positive, grounded and balanced. Whether or not they are helpful, they might give you some insights or topics to discuss further with a counselor or trusted friend.  At Another Look at Healing, Counseling Center, we can help with this search for greater self-awareness and finding those strengths to help you feel happier and more fulfilled. For more information, you can email us at or call us at 240-274-5680. Or for more information, visit

Announcing: Free Phone Consultation!

We are now offering a free phone consultation! Also, special discounts are available for individual, couples and group counseling if you call us before March 25th to discuss setting up an appointment. Call today 240-274-5680.

Announcing: Personal Growth Group Openings! 
*Only 2 spaces left*
Are you feeling stuck and want to work out your issues?
Do you value self-reflection and want to find greater understanding of yourself?
Are you looking for support in changing your life for the better?

If you answered yes, consider participating in our personal growth group. A psychotherapy group is a safe, protected environment where you can learn about both who you are and how you are with others. By discussing issues and receiving feedback from the other group members you can learn to understand how you feel and how others react to you. This group is for people who are facing a range of concerns including: difficulty communicating, lack of interpersonal skills, trouble getting what you want out of life, loneliness, poor self-esteem and social anxiety.

For more information or to sign up for a pre-group interview to determine whether the group is right for you, please call or email us directly at 240-274-5680 or and ask for a pre-group interview session with Lev Grotel.
If you have any comments or questions, please send them to

If you are looking for support in making changes and growing the life you always wanted, feel free to contact us here at Another Look at Healing, LLC at 240-274-5680 or by emailing Our website is for more details.

Take Good Care,
Amy Hooper, LCSW-C, Director & Dena Alalfey, Graduate Intern