Friday, March 28, 2014

How To Guide: Cultivate your Relationship this Spring

How to let your relationship grow this Spring...

Spring is officially here…. or so the calendar says it is!  Spring brings new life. The greys and browns of the earth turn to vibrant green and bloom with color. The grass emerges, the trees bud, the flowers bloom and almost as though a switch was flipped, our eyes are filled with the season’s telling of new potential and growth. Each year, relationships and marriages also deserve periods of growth and new life too.  Maybe your relationship feels dormant like the winter season and the longing for “spring” is due.  But, how is this possible?

Here are some things to consider:

It may also be good to think about and discuss these questions with your partner. Discussing these questions can help you both to spark your memory of why your relationship is important to you.  After the kids go to bed, spread out a tablecloth, light a candle, have some dessert and discuss:
When did you first meet?
What was your first date like?
When did you first talk about your relationship or possibly getting married?
What was your first home together like or the first place you lived?
What qualities attracted you most to the other?

Getting Support:
There are a number of marriage and couples conferences around the country ranging from a few hours on a Saturday to week-long getaways.  Instead of each of you being on your own phones, take some time with your loved one and look together to see if you can find a workshop that looks interesting and see if you can make one of those work for you. If a weekend feels like too big of a commitment, what about finding a couples counselor to help you reconnect and find joy in your relationship. If you want help finding a couples counselor to help you with any relationship issues, contact us at 240-274-5680 or email us at  

Loving relationships are worth seeking out a springtime and allowing for your relationship to grow with the changing of the season.

Take Good Care,
Amy Hooper, LCSW-C, CEAP
Abbie Mortimer, Executive Assistant

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